True Protein Glutamine

True Protein Glutamine

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Support The Body

GLUTAMINE is a premium pharmaceutical grade form of L-Glutamine, sourced from a leading Japanese manufacturer. Utilising non-animal based extraction processes GLUTAMINE sets the industry standard for purity and taste.

Leading Manufacturing Processes

The manufacturer of GLUTAMINE boasts over 100 years of experience in amino acid production. They are considered the global industry leader in this field.

Patented Technology

GLUTAMINE utilises patented technology that delivers the purest and most effective finished product.

Non Animal Extraction

GLUTAMINE is produced from vegetable based fermentation processes as opposed to inferior animal based extraction techniques that are common in China.

Supports The Body

GLUTAMINE assists the body by enhancing key muscle building functions such as protein synthesis, cell hydration and recovery.

Excellent Water Solubility

GLUTAMINE mixes extremely well with water meaning it can be stacked easily with other supplements.

Japanese Sourced

GLUTAMINE is uniquely sourced from Japan and provides a level of purity that cannot be matched by the far more common mass market Chinese Glutamine.

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