lemon myrtle disinfectant cleaner 1ltr

lemon myrtle disinfectant cleaner 1ltr

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The power of our food-safe disinfectant cleaner is boosted by the natural antibacterial and antifungal power of pure Australian lemon myrtle oil.

This simplyclean combination gives you superior cleaning and 2X the strength of Australia's leading brand of disinfectant.

Protecting your family's health - kills 99.999% of sickness-causing germs AND smells beautiful! Chlorine and ammonia free Gentle surfactants efficiently clean away dirt Kills mould and fungi Safe for use on food prep surfaces and toys Family safe and earth safe No artificial fragrance Grey water safe No animal testing or animal products Palm oil free

Septic Systems. Please note that, if used in accordance with the dilution instructions on the label and in moderation, this product is septic safe. DO NOT pour undiluted product into the toilet or down the sink as this will challenge the good bacteria in your septic system.