Deli grains Brown Rice crisps Quinoa 100g

Deli grains Brown Rice crisps Quinoa 100g

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Product Description: Rice in its most natural form contains an outer layer called Bran. Bran is the part of the rice grain that contains many nutrients.

Organic Quinoa Rice Crisps Deligrains combine all the health benefits of whole grain Brown Japonica Rice with great flavours and texture. Baked so they are low in fat, DeliGrain Brown Rice Crisps are cholesterol, gluten, and MSG free, and contain no added preservatives.

Great as a fun and tasty, but guilt-free snack at work or home. Use as an appetiser with toppings, dips, or try with soup or cheese.

Certified Organic Certified Organic by: BSC Öko-Garantie GmbH. Germany

Wholegrain brown rice DeliGrains has the goodness of bran from wholegrain brown rice.

Gluten Free DeliGrains is ideal for those who have a wheat allergy problem or choose to have a wheat free diet.

No MSG DeliGrains taste great without needing to add MSG.

No artificial preservatives, colours or flavours We think that the natural appearance and taste of DeliGrains is preferable, so no artificial colours or flavours is needed.

Baked, not fried and Cholesterol Free Have peace of mind that when you are enjoying DeliGrains, it is a guilt free and healthier option than most other snacks in the market.

Traditional recipe Organic Quinoa Rice Crisps Deligrainsis made by an experienced team that uses traditional recipes. It takes 72 hours for the raw brown rice to become the perfect DeliGrains.

 Ingredients: Organic brown Japonica Rice* (52%), organic Japonica Rice* 34%), Quinoa (4.9%), sunflower oil, maltodextrin, sea salt, inulin, sugar, kelp extrace.
**May contain traces of dairy and soybean


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